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小冊子 『Lost and Found vol.3』

一年の休息を経て、『Lost and Found』3巻目の誕生です。




[目 次]

はじめに 中村寛―5

漂流する声たち 後藤響子―12

要のはなし 井沼香保里―23

天使の声による自己治療 ユリィ―35

愛を食べる、魂に触れる 大和田慧―76

《そいつ》のいる風景 守内晶子―88

アラスカへの旅―アメリカの〈周縁〉をあるく(三) 文・中村寛 写真・松尾眞―105



After one year of my sabbatical leave, we finally managed to publish the third volume of Lost and Found. The chemical reactions among the participating writers were more profound than ever. We came up with the subtitle, “reliving the contemporary.” It is our homage to Reliving the Words by the late Mr. Toshirou Osawa, who had since 1980 led the literacy movement among the day laborers in Kotobuki, Yokohama, one of the biggest slums in Japan.

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